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The mission of the Easton Area Public Library is to promote literacy, to advance lifelong learning, and to contribute to the development of an active and informed community of citizens.

The Easton Area Public Library celebrates and honors the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals. As a public library, we serve an important role in providing an equitable, inclusive, and safe place for our community. However, it is not enough to state that libraries are for everyone. We must also recognize that libraries too have a history of being exclusive and complacent.
One need not look further than the segregated public libraries in the United States that existed until the 1960s.

Eradicating racism requires deep, meaningful, and systemic change, not only as an institution but also as individuals. To this end, EAPL is making a commitment to antiracism by providing appropriate resources, reviewing our collections to ensure that they are diverse and representative of the Easton community, training staff, and creating programs that promote engagement and conversation within our community and with our patrons.

This page will feature antiracist resources for all ages available in our collections, links to external resources, and information about library programs that promote antiracist conversation within our community and with our patrons.

As librarians and library staff, our instinct is to share information with our patrons, but we are also reading, listening, and learning from our community. We will add to this list as we continue to learn. It is our hope that this resource will empower and enrich our community.