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Library Use Policy Computer Use Policy Youth Services Computer Use Policy  
Mobile Printing
The Library offers printing in black & white ($0.20/page) and color ($0.50/page) from the public computers with a current library card or computer use only card.
Mobile printing from your own device is available for the same price by clicking here MOBILE PRINTING , downloading the PrinterOn app, or emailing the document to (black & white) or (color). Print jobs can be retrieved at the Main Library for up to four (4) hours after being sent.
*Mobile print jobs CANNOT be retrieved at the Palmer Branch.
Copy Machine and Scanning
One copy machine is provided for public use. Standard 8 ½ by 11 and 11 by 14 copies can be made for $0.20 per page. Black & white only. You can scan a document by using our copy machine and YOUR thumb drive. Please see the Reference Desk for assistance
The Palmer Branch will SEND faxes for the public. You must use the library cover sheet. The first page sent costs $2.00 and subsequent pages cost $1.00 each. Payable by cash or check.
The Easton Area Public Library proctors exams for those taking online and distance learning courses. A library card is not required for this service.
The student is responsible for providing any necessary paperwork to the school indicating that the library will be acting as a proctor. The Adult Services Coordinator will sign the paperwork and receive all exam materials, instructions, and passwords. In the absence of the Coordinator, any MLS librarian may sign.
Once the exam materials have been sent, the student must call the Reference Desk at ext. 307 to schedule an appointment to take the exam. Any MLS librarian on duty may proctor the exam. Please be prepared to show photo ID when arriving for an exam.
Meeting Room
The library has a public meeting room available, for a fee, for your business or organization’s meeting. Click here for more information Form and Rules. Please call the Business Administrator at 610-258-2917 x302 to schedule.

Library Use Policy:
Mutual respect makes it possible for everyone to enjoy the Library.You can do your part by observing these rules:
  • Unreasonable interference with the comfort and security of other library users shall be cause for removal.
  • Unreasonable noise from loud talking, singing, boisterous activity, computers, devices or audio-visual equipment is not permitted.
  • Appropriate dress is required; shoes and shirt must be worn at all times. Bathing, shaving, or the washing of clothes is not permitted on the premises.
  • Eating, drinking, and open food or drink containers are not permitted in public spaces.
  • A parent/guardian/caregiver over the age of 13 must accompany all children under the age of 10. The parent/guardian/caregiver must remain in the building. For children under age 7, the parent/guardian/caregiver must also remain in the child’s immediate vicinity/maintain visual contact with the child at all times.
  • Smoking and use of chewing tobacco, electronic cigarettes, vapor devices, or any other consumable tobacco product is not permitted on Library property.
  • Possession and/or use of alcohol, illegal substances, or illegally obtained prescription drugs is prohibited. Selling/distributing or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol is not permitted and will result in removal.
  • Running, pushing, jumping, rough play, or other dangerous activity, fighting, challenging someone to a fight, physical abuse, or assault of staff or other users is prohibited.
  • No weapons of any kind are permitted, except those possessed by on-duty law enforcement officers.
  • Profane and/or obscene language or the use of racial, ethnic, or sexual orientation epithets shall be cause for removal. Harassing other library users or staff, including deliberate, repeated behavior that is intimidating, hostile, offensive, or threatening will warrant immediate removal.
  • Abuse or improper use of Library furniture or equipment, damaging, destroying, or stealing Library property is prohibited.
  • Gambling, panhandling, or solicitation of any kind is not permitted on Library property. The distribution or posting of unauthorized material is not allowed.
  • No animals other than Service Animals may be brought into the building.
  • Sleeping is not permitted in the building.
  • Photography, audio recording, or video recording is not permitted. The Library retains the right to record or photograph events or programs for promotional purposes.
  • Indecent exposure, engaging in, or the soliciting of a sexual act will result in immediate removal and possible criminal charges.
  • he Library has the right to remove anyone having no apparent library-related, lawful business in the Library.
    Bringing any containers, packages, bundles, shopping carts, or wheeled conveyances exceeding 24”x18”x6” into the building is prohibited, with the exception of wheelchairs and baby strollers/carriages. Unattended items will be treated as suspicious packages.
  • Monopolizing library space, blocking or impeding access to interior or exterior walkways, entrances, tables, and common areas, physically or with any item is prohibited.
*Library employees are authorized to bring to an individual’s attention any act or omission which violates these rules. The individual will be asked to change the problem behavior to conform to the rules. If such change is not evident or forthcoming, the individual will be asked to leave Library property. Failure to leave when asked may result in the police being called and a possible charge of criminal trespassing
Computer Policy Use:
Acceptable use of the computer resources at the Easton Area Public Library will be in accordance with: Access to different types of information for the primary purposes of education, research, and lifelong learning. Resources are made available to all citizens within the library’s service area and, secondarily, to those outside the library’s service area.

Requirements: Current, valid library card if residing within library’s service area. Those outside the library’s service area must have a valid driver’s license or other form of photo ID to purchase a computer use only card. Patrons must use their own cards to access library computers.

Within the Library: In compliance with the CIPA Act, internet stations are filtered as per 47 U.S.C. 254 (h) and (l). Use of library computer resources must follow the guidelines of all networks accessed. In addition to computer access, the library provides office applications, research applications, educational software, and tutorials. Patrons MAY NOT download or run software not installed by the library.
Inappropriate Use: Computer resources MAY NOT be used to conduct any illegal activities including, but not limited to:
  • Accessing explicit sexual content as defined in 19 PA C.S. 5903
  • Gambling
  • Fraud
  • Copyright violations, including Bit Torrent and other peer-to-peer downloading sites Such activities will be subject to prosecution by local, state, and federal authorities. Library privileges may be suspended or revoked for violation of this policy
Wifi: The library offers free wifi within its buildings. Wifi users are bound by the policy outlined here.


Terms of Use: The following are the property of their proprietor and/or subsidiaries, affiliates, assigns, licensors, or other respective owners and are protected without limitation, pursuant to U.S. and foreign copyright and trademark laws, and cannot be reproduced for commercial use of any kind:
  • Software
  • Design
  • Text
  • Images
  • Photographs
  • Illustrations
  • Audio clips
  • Video clips
  • Artwork
  • Graphic Material
  • Other copyrightable elements and the selection and arrangement thereof
  • Trademarks, service marks, and trade names
Content: The internet and its resources may contain material which is controversial, incomplete, or inaccurate. The Easton Area Public Library is not responsible for material accessed via its computers or wifi and cannot censor access to, nor protect patrons from, offensive content. Parents/guardians of minors must assume responsibility for their children’s use of the internet through the library’s connection.

Operation: Library computers are regularly maintained to ensure reliable operation. The library is not responsible for any losses due to computer operation, viruses, or other equipment failure.

Privacy: While every attempt is made to keep all information passing to and from our systems private, patrons must assume that any information transmitted or received is not private. The Easton Area Public Library does not monitor normal usage of our systems, but will fully cooperate with legal authorities in the investigation of illegal activities, including turning over usage logs and records upon receipt of proper warrants or subpoenas. For additional information regarding privacy and confidentiality, please see the Electronic Communications Act of 1986, the Telecommunications Act of 1998, and the U.S.A. Patriot Act (PL 107-56).
Youth Services Computer Use Policy
In order to comply with the CIPA Act, in addition to the Easton Area Public Library Computer Use Policy, children and their guardians must agree to the following:
To meet the informational and educational needs of our young patrons, Easton Area Public Library offers computers for word processing, research, educational games and activities, and email. The computers are equipped with filtering software to guard against objectionable sites. It is important, however, for guardians to understand that no blocking software is foolproof and filtering can prevent some programs from being used.
Computers in the Youth Services Department are available to anyone who holds a valid Youth Services EAPL card. Preschoolers (those under 5 years of age) may use a parent/guardian’s card under direct card owner supervision. In addition, adults with small children are permitted to use Youth Services computers while they monitor their children’s play. Parents/Guardians assume responsibility for their children’s internet use through the library’s connection.
Terms of Use:
  • A parent/guardian signature is required for children to use Easton Area Public Library computers
  • Only the person whose card was used to make the reservation may use the computer. Any child who does not have a reservation must not be in the computer area.
  • Facebook is not permitted.
  • Any chatting on the internet violates the CIPA Act and will be terminated.
  • There are computers designated for adults with children that require supervision in the Youth Services room.
  • These adults must follow the Youth Services Computer Policy.
  • Children 13 and older are required to use the computers in the adult area UNLESS they are with a parent/guardian.